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Blakes 2022 Board Report

Blakes 2022 Board Report showcases the progress of women GCs in claiming their seats on Canadian public company boards. At the six-year mark, the study reveals significant strides forward and a long-term trajectory for women GCs that is clearly positive. While trends are heading in the right direction, we can also see from the findings that there is room for improving the positioning of women in-house legal leaders in the executive leadership pipeline from which board nominating committees typically draw new directors.  That’s why Blakes chose the theme Unlocking the Value: Women GCs in the Board Pipeline for this year’s report and hosted a roundtable of remarkable women who have both general counsel and board experience. Moderated by Blakes Partner Kate McGilvray, our panellists provided insight from both the nominating committee and general counsel perspectives, which we present in the pages of the Report.

Blakes has long been committed to championing and promoting women leaders — within the Firm, in business and in the legal profession. Our women’s programming exemplifies our commitment to equity and inclusion within both Blakes and the business community. Women@Blakes has grown exponentially, reaching more professionals than ever before, building invested communities and making an impact across the country. We are proud to partner with Women General Counsel Canada on many of our women’s programming, including Women GCs on Boards.

To request a copy of the report, please follow this link

To request a copy of the reportin French, please follow this link

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