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Letter from the President: Happy International Women's Day!

March 8, 2020

Dear WGGC Members,

We live in a closely interconnected world.  If we needed a reminder, COVID-19 shows us myriad real-time connections around the world and the immediacy of our interactions and interdependencies.  Although an example with concerning implications, it is also a positive reminder that we are all part of many strong global networks.

At Women General Counsel Canada (WGCC), we strive to support the growth of our members and networks, provide an opportunity to “step up”, and give back to the community.  We are proud of the national organization we have built – and expanded further in the past year - and the impact this has on women working in exciting, challenging – sometimes isolating – leadership roles in diverse organizations across the country.

To be present at our national conference is to feel the power of our founders’ vision brought to life by the many senior women in law who have taken up the torch to deliver a real impact across Canada.  

We are particularly grateful to our sponsors and partners who fundamentally support our work and vision in so many pivotal aspects.  We are proud of our emerging class of emeritus members, who bring deep experience, passion, and wisdom in furtherance of our mandate and vision for the future.   

All our members and partners are engaged in some manner in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, each one interpreted through an individual filter.  I feel a special passion for the “I” of Inclusion; belonging is a basic human need.  Diversity is an essential starting point, but it is even more essential that we deliberately ensure a sense of belonging for our diverse members and for women lawyers at all levels, including as board members and executives at the C-suite table.

Last year, WGCC announced a scholarship for a law student on International Women’s Day.  This year, in support of the goals of inclusion, integration, and belonging for all in our interconnected world, and in recognition of the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action, I am proud to announce the creation of an additional WGCC scholarship for Indigenous applicants.  Further details on this important initiative will be shared shortly.

Happy International Women's Day!


Elspeth Hagan

President, WGCC

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