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The GCU program is a leadership development program designed to elevate women general counsel.  

Program Overview  

Program participants will benefit from a high-touch program that includes strategically mapped curriculum around the 12 'most-sought after' competencies of top general counsel. Assessments, leadership coaching, a development plan and a capstone reflection essay are further program elements that lead to a comprehensive leadership development experience  

WGCC commissioned Korn Ferry to identify the key competencies, traits, drivers of GCs that are requisite to be the “Most Sought” GC and that research has been used to frame the GCU program. The curriculum explores each of the competencies and offers unparalleled opportunities to apply the learning to your actual GC experience and practice. Sessions are interactive, discussion-based, and will allow you to push your leadership abilities with others who understand the pressures of the GC role. As a GC, you are already a leader, but this program will provide insight into your leadership style, what is working well and help you identify ways to make you even better at what you do. 

After acceptance into the GCU program, participants will undergo a Korn Ferry Professional Development Assessment to obtain a baseline of how they measure against the “best in class” GC profile and identify opportunities for improvement. Sessions focused on each of the 12 key competencies will be delivered over the September to April time frame (generally one afternoon per month). 

Program Benefits

GCU Designation  

To obtain a GCU designation, candidates must: 

  • Complete the program of required courses 
  • Deliver a final capstone reflection paper (~1000 words)  
  • Be a current WGCC member in good standing
As a GCU grad and holder of the GCU.D, you have committed to achieving the highest standard of corporate legal leadership. 

      This designation represents a commitment to excellence in legal leadership, to be the most effective general counsel you can be. You will be recognized as a leader who can balance your organization’s most complex legal issues with its business interests, who can build and lead extraordinary teams of legal talent, and who can raise the bar on issues ranging from equity, diversity and inclusion, to environmental social responsibility. 

      In the current, rapidly evolving competitive environment, this GCU.D will help you be better at what you do, and ultimately, create better opportunities for your career. 

      Program Application and Fee 

      Fee: $5000.00 (plus applicable taxes) 

      Information about the program and the GCU Designation is available for download as a PDF.

      Note: you must be a member in good standing with the WGCC to apply for this program. Visit your profile to ensure your membership is up-to-date or to become a member, click here! 


      If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions at any time, feel free to contact Sandra Montanino, the Executive Director for the GCU program:  

      Sandra Montanino  
      Founder and Principal of Navig8 PD  
      Tel: 416.305.3959  

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