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WGCC Networking Circles - July 2024

  • 25 Jul 2024
  • 30 Jul 2024
  • 2 sessions
  • 25 Jul 2024, 12:00 PM 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • 30 Jul 2024, 11:00 AM 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • Virtual

WGCC Networking Circles
INVITATION: July 25 & 30, 2024 - Summer Edition

General Counsel Leadership: The Difference between Leading and Doing (and its impact on talent)

The WGCC Networking Circles have been thoughtfully crafted to facilitate discussions and the exchange of ideas and insights among WGCC members, with a particular emphasis on legal professionalism, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). These small, informal groups offer an invaluable opportunity to forge connections with other WGCC members, expand your professional network, and build a support system as you navigate the complex challenges that arise in legal executive roles. BONUS: Circles are eligible for CPD credit in Ontario and Quebec (other provinces upon request), and this Circle has been submitted for approval; more information will follow.

*Summer Edition: To accommodate vacation schedules, we've customized our options to six choices instead of nine. 

Date and Time: WGCC Networking Circles are 60 minutes long and are scheduled as follows:

How to Sign up:

  • Send an email to indicating which circle you wish to attend.
  • Sign up early to avoid disappointment – but no later than 12:00 EDT on Thursday, July 18th.
  • Once you sign up, ensure to “HOLD” the time/date in your calendar.
  • On July 18th or 19th you will receive a calendar invitation and email from your WGCC Circle Lead with information & materials for your chosen circle
  • Please note that a Circle may be cancelled if interest is low (which has NEVER happened yet).

    Directions for Attendees:

    • Chatham House Rules apply to all Networking Circles. 
    • Accept the calendar invitation from your WGCC Networking Circle Lead with the Circle details (Zoom/Teams) (you will get it soon, if you have not already received it).
    • On the day of the Circle, please sign in using the invitation from your Circle Lead and turn on your camera – your Circle Lead will start the discussion.
      Circle TopicGeneral Counsel Leadership: The Difference between Leading and Doing (and its impact on talent)

      The role of General Counsel has expanded over the years as more companies came to appreciate the value of a GC and an in-house legal team. Whether you lead a large team or a small team the challenges are similar and the demands on time are ever increasing as the GC is asked to take on more responsibilities outside of a traditional ‘legal leader’ role. GCs are not only being asked to be the Corporate Secretary and Privacy Officer (“traditional” roles) but are also being asked now to lead employee resource groups in support of DEI initiatives, asked to participate in Industry Associations as a company representative; or even asked to organize and support events in the community for causes supported by the company outside of the office.

      This creates challenges as the GC may struggle to understand their changing role and the expectation of their company. The GC has likely progressed in their career by being the subject matter expert with a deep seeded belief of what ‘real work’ and ‘real value’ is and that GC has, in turn, shown their ‘real value’ by doing ‘real work’. Now, as a GC there is often not enough time to do the ‘real work’ and so what then happens to their perception of ‘real value’?

      It is crucial for GCs to recognize that they are perceived as leaders within their organization. They may not always be consulted as the legal expert, and instead they are expected to take a broader perspective and ensure that experts are working collaboratively towards the company's objectives. Thus, it is imperative for GCs to overcome any sense of guilt about not personally performing the work and to reframe their value proposition. Often, high-performing leaders will feel that it is easier, faster, or better to do the work themselves, rather than take the time to train their team. However, this approach can impede the team's growth, development, and motivation, and ultimately detract from the GC's role as a leader. We invite you to join us as we explore strategies for GCs to redefine their value, embrace their leadership role, and foster the growth and development of their team members.

      Sub-Topics/Discussion Points:

      • Prioritizing Impact: Should businesses focus on the impact of a GC’s work rather than the amount of work they do personally?
      • Accountability: Is it acceptable for a GC to take pleasure in being accountable for the work they do personally?
      • Credibility: Can a GC still be credible if they are not the ultimate expert in their field?
      • Excellence vs Perfection: Is it acceptable for a GC to ‘strive’ for excellence internally, and ‘purchase’ perfection externally as needed (via external counsel)?

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